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Search for Essex County VT people. A people search can help you locate people, find family members, check criminal history, criminal records, perform genealogical research, find birth records, death records, proof of identity, divorce records, marriage records, historical records, locate ancestors, property ownership records, and more.

Essex County Clerk Offices maintain important documents for their jurisdiction, usually at the county or local level. These records include a number of important sources for locating people and gaining information about a subject in Essex County Vermont. Vital records, for example, provide information on a person's birth, marriage, divorce, and death, as well as any children. Clerks may also keep records on taxes, property assessments, estates and wills, and even voter registration and election results. When performing Essex County people searches, a Clerk Office website is an important resource.

Concord Town Clerk Concord VT 374 East Main Street 05824 802-695-2220

Schuyler County Clerk Guildhall VT 1 Courthouse Drive 05905 660-457-3842

Essex County Marriage License Offices issue marriage certificates and maintain records on marriage for a county or local government. These documents include information on the couple's marriage, such as names, dates of birth, names of parents, and the date and location of the wedding. Essex County marriage records can be an important part of a people search, particularly when searching for people who may have changed their names, and they are also useful for genealogical research in Essex County Vermont. Marriage License Offices may provide online access to their marriage licenses as well as marriage license applications.

Averill Marriage License Island Pond VT 5846 Vermont 105 05846 7235900

Bloomfield Marriage License Bloomfield VT 27 Schoolhouse Road 05905 9625191

Brighton Marriage License Brighton VT 49 Mill Street Extension 05846 7234405

Brunswick Marriage License Brunswick VT 994 Vermont 102 05905 9625514

Canaan Marriage License Canaan VT 318 Christian Hill 05903 2663370

Concord Marriage License Concord VT 374 Main Street 05824 6952220

East Haven Marriage License East Haven VT 64 Community Building Road 05837 4673772

Granby Marriage License Granby VT 9005 Granby Road 05858 3283611

Guildhall Marriage License Guildhall VT 13 Courthouse Drive 05905 6763797

Lemington Marriage License Guildhall VT 2549 River Road 05905 2774814

Lunenburg Marriage License Lunenburg VT 9 West Main Street 05906 8925959

Maidstone Marriage License Maidstone VT 508 Vermont 102 05905 6763210

Norton Marriage License Norton VT 12, Vt Route 114E 05907 822-9935

Victory Marriage License Victory VT 102 Radar Road 05858 3282400

Essex County Historical Societies preserve documents that have historic value. They may be organized around a certain area, a particular group of people, or a particular historical event. Historical Societies may keep a range of documents on individuals, including Essex County vital records, letters, photographs, and other historical documents in Essex County Vermont. These records can be an important part of a people search, particularly when performing genealogical research. Historical Societies may provide online access to some of their records.

Canaan Historical Society Canaan VT 27 Park Street 05903 802-266-3989

Essex County Sheriff Departments are law enforcement agencies responsible for maintaining order, typically for a county or local jurisdiction. They also keep multiple records on individuals who have a criminal history, including arrest records, warrants, criminal and civil convictions, and incarcerations in Essex County Vermont. These records provide important information for a people search, particularly when performing a criminal background check. The records at the Sheriff Department list someone's criminal history, and they can also be used to locate someone who moves frequently. Sheriff Departments may provide online access to their records.

Essex County Sheriff's Office Guildhall VT 91 Courthouse Drive 05905 802-676-3500

Essex County Courts act to resolve legal disputes as part of their judicial function. They also maintain a number of records on individuals, including criminal records such as any arrests, trials, convictions, and court sentences. These can range from serious criminal felonies to traffic court violations in Essex County Vermont. Court records provide a range of information that can be important for performing Essex County people searches, such as civil cases like divorce and adoption, as well as a person's criminal history, which can be important for a background check. Courts operate at the federal, state, and local level, and they may provide access to their records online.

Essex District Court Guildhall VT 75 Courthouse Drive 05905

Essex Superior Court Guildhall VT 75 Courthouse Drive 05905 802-676-3910