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Search for Gloucester County NJ people. A people search can help you locate people, find family members, check criminal history, criminal records, perform genealogical research, find birth records, death records, proof of identity, divorce records, marriage records, historical records, locate ancestors, property ownership records, and more.

Clerk Offices maintain important documents for their jurisdiction, usually at the county or local level. These records include a number of important sources for locating people and gaining information about a subject. Vital records, for example, provide information on a person's birth, marriage, divorce, and death, as well as any children. Clerks may also keep records on taxes, property assessments, estates and wills, and even voter registration and election results. When performing a people search, a Clerk Office website is an important resource.

Clayton Clerk Clayton NJ 125 North Delsea Drive 08312 856-881-8964

Franklin Township Clerk Franklin NJ 1571 Delsea Drive 08322 856-694-1661

Gibbstown Township Clerk Greenwich NJ 420 Washington Street 08027 856-687-5954

Logan Township Clerk Logan NJ 125 Main Street 08014 856-467-3425

Mantua Township Clerk Mantua NJ 405 Main St 08051 856-468-3078

Monroe Township Clerk Monroe NJ 1 Municipal Plaza 08831 732-656-4573

Paulsboro Clerk Paulsboro NJ 1211 North Delaware Street 08066 856-423-1500

South Harrison Clerk South Harrison NJ 664 Harrisonville Road 08062 856-769-3737

Swedesboro Clerk Swedesboro NJ 1500 Kings Highway 08085 856-467-0202

Wenonah Borough Clerk Wenonah NJ 1 South West Avenue 08090 856-468-6713

Westville Borough Clerk Westville NJ 114 Crown Point Road 08093 856-456-0066

Historical Societies preserve documents that have historic value. They may be organized around a certain area, a particular group of people, or a particular historical event. Historical Societies may keep a range of documents on individuals, including vital records, letters, photographs, and other historical documents. These records can be an important part of a people search, particularly when performing genealogical research. Historical Societies may provide online access to some of their records.

Borough of Clayton Historical Society Clayton NJ 9 East Avenue 08312 856-881-3039

Gloucester County Historical Society Woodbury NJ 17 Hunter Street 08096 856-845-4771

Gloucester County New Jersey Historical Society Woodbury NJ 58 South Broad Street 08096 856-848-8531

Monroe Township Historical Society Monroe NJ Hall Street 08094 856-728-0458

Monroe Township New Jersey Historical Society Williamstown NJ 313 South Main Street 08094 856-875-2943

Courts act to resolve legal disputes as part of their judicial function. They also maintain a number of records on individuals, including criminal records such as any arrests, trials, convictions, and court sentences. These can range from serious criminal felonies to traffic court violations. Court records provide a range of information that can be important for performing a people search, such as civil cases like divorce and adoption, as well as a person's criminal history, which can be important for a background check. Courts operate at the federal, state, and local level, and they may provide access to their records online.

Clayton Municipal Court Clayton NJ 125 North delsea Drive 08312 856-881-8964

Deptford Municipal Court Deptford NJ 1011 Cooper Street 08096 856-845-5300

East Greenwich Municipal Court Mickleton NJ 159 Democrat Road 08056 856-423-3010

Glassboro Municipal Court Glassboro NJ 1 South Main Street 08028 856-881-0383

Gloucester County Superior Court Woodbury NJ 1 North Broad Street 08096 856-853-3534

Greenwich Municipal Court I Greenwich NJ 421 West Broad Street 08027 856-423-0113

Harrison Municipal Court I Harrison NJ 114 Bridgeton Pike 08062 856-478-4049

Logan Municipal Court Logan NJ 125 Main Street 08014 856-467-3425

Mantua Municipal Court Mantua NJ 405 Main Street 08051 856-468-3078

Monroe Municipal Court I Monroe NJ 125 Virginia Avenue 08094 856-728-2144

Monroe Municipal Court II Monroe NJ 3 Municipal Plaza 08831 732-521-4020

NJ DMV West Deptford Suspension Hearing Center West Deptford NJ 215 Crown Point Road 08086 609-292-6500

National Park Municipal Court National Park NJ 7 South Grove Avenue 08063 856-845-1197

Paulsboro Municipal Court Paulsboro NJ 1211 North Delaware Street 08066 856-423-3888

Pitman Municipal Court Pitman NJ 110 South Broadway 08071 856-589-3144

South Harrison Municipal Court Mullica Hill NJ 114 Bridgeton Pike 08062 856-478-4049

Swedesboro Municipal Court Swedesboro NJ 1500 Kings Highway 08085 856-467-2424

Tavistock Municipal Court Turnersville NJ PO Box 8988 08012 856-429-0039

Washington Municipal Court III Washington NJ 1 McClure Drive 08080 856-589-0546

Wenonah Municipal Court Wenonah NJ 1 South West Avenue 08090 856-468-0242

West Deptford Municipal Court West Deptford NJ 400 Crown Point Road 08086 856-845-4004

Westville Municipal Court Westville NJ 114 Crown Point Road 08093 856-456-0066

Woodbury Heights Municipal Court Woodbury Heights NJ 500 Elm Avenue 08097 856-848-3256

Woodbury Municipal Court Woodbury NJ 200 North Broad Street 08096 856-845-0691

Woolwich Municipal Court Woolwich NJ 121 Woodstown Road 08085 856-467-1555

Social Security Offices are local branches of the federal Social Security Administration. These offices issue Social Security cards, estimate retirement benefit payments, help people determine their eligibility for benefits, and process applications for retirement benefits and SSI benefits. These records contain important information for conducting a people search, including details on an individual's work history, their government benefits, and survivor benefits. Social Security Offices may provide online access to some of their records.

Glassboro Social Security Office Glassboro NJ 51 Charles III Drive 08028

Assessors determine the value of taxable property within their jurisdiction, often at the county or local level, in order to assess property taxes owed by the property's owners. As part of this responsibility, the Assessor Office maintains a range of documents on individuals, such as records of the property they own, the property taxes they owe, and any history of foreclosures, tax liens, or violations. These records can be useful for understanding a person's property ownership history, and they can typically be accessed on the Assessor Office website.

Gloucester County Assessor's Office Clayton NJ 1200 North delsea Drive 08312 856-307-6445

Mantua Township Assessor Mantua NJ 401 Main St 08051 856-468-3898

Woolwich Township Assessor Woolwich NJ 120 Village Green Drive 08085 856-467-2666

Sheriff Departments are law enforcement agencies responsible for maintaining order, typically for a county or local jurisdiction. They also keep multiple records on individuals who have a criminal history, including arrest records, warrants, criminal and civil convictions, and incarcerations. These records provide important information for a people search, particularly when performing a criminal background check. The records at the Sheriff Department list someone's criminal history, and they can also be used to locate someone who moves frequently. Sheriff Departments may provide online access to their records.

Gloucester County Sheriff's Office Woodbury NJ 2 South Broad Street 08096 856-384-4600

Archives preserve documents that are historically significant. These records can include a number of documents that can be useful when performing a people search, including birth certificates, death certificates, financial records, photographs, historical maps, and sometimes even letters or other personal documents. These records can be useful when performing a people search as part of genealogical research, as some Archives keep documents that date back to before the founding of the United States. Archives may provide online access to their records.

Woodbury Property Records Archive Woodbury NJ 1 North Broad Street 08096 856-853-3237