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Search for Cook County IL people. A people search can help you locate people, find family members, check criminal history, criminal records, perform genealogical research, find birth records, death records, proof of identity, divorce records, marriage records, historical records, locate ancestors, property ownership records, and more.

Cook County Clerk Offices maintain important documents for their jurisdiction, usually at the county or local level. These records include a number of important sources for locating people and gaining information about a subject in Cook County Illinois. Vital records, for example, provide information on a person's birth, marriage, divorce, and death, as well as any children. Clerks may also keep records on taxes, property assessments, estates and wills, and even voter registration and election results. When performing Cook County people searches, a Clerk Office website is an important resource.

Arlington Heights Clerk Arlington Heights IL 33 South Arlington Heights Road 60005 847-368-5540

Barrington Hills Village Clerk Barrington IL 112 Algonquin Road 60010 224-484-8418

Calumet City Clerk Calumet IL 204 Pulaski Road 60409 708-891-8110

Chicago City Clerk Chicago IL 5674 South Archer Avenue 60638 312-745-1100

Cook County Police Departments are law enforcement agencies charged with maintaining order in society. They also keep several records on individuals who have interacted with the police, including criminal records such as arrests, warrants, convictions, and incarcerations in Cook County Illinois. These records provide information that can be important when performing Cook County people searches, particularly as part of a criminal background check. Police Department records list someone's criminal history, and they can also be used to locate a person who has moved frequently. Cook County Police Departments may provide online access to their records.

Alsip Police Department Alsip IL 4500 123rd Street 60803 708-385-6902

Arlington Heights Police Department Arlington Heights IL 33 South Arlington Heights Road 60005 847-368-5000

Aurora Police Department Hoffman Estates IL 1200 Gannon Drive 60169 630-256-5000

Barrington Hills Police Department Barrington IL 112 Algonquin Road 60010 847-551-3006

Bartlett Police Department Bartlett IL 228 South Main Street 60103 630-837-0846

Bedford Park Police Department Bedford Park IL 6701 South Archer Road 60501 708-458-3388

Bellwood Police Department Bellwood IL 3200 Washington Boulevard 60104 708-547-3530

Berkeley Police Department Berkeley IL 5819 Electric Avenue 60163 708-449-8716

Berwyn Police Department Berwyn IL 6401 31st Street 60402 708-795-5600

Berwyn Police Department Riverside IL 31 Riverside Road 60546 708-795-5600

Blue Island Police Department Blue Island IL 13031 Greenwood Avenue 60406 708-385-1313

Bridgeview Police Department Bridgeview IL 7500 South Oketo Avenue 60455 708-458-2131

Broadview Police Department Broadview IL 2350 South 25th Avenue 60155 708-345-6550

Brookfield Police Department Brookfield IL 8820 Brookfield Avenue 60513 708-485-8131

Burbank Police Department Burbank IL 5650 West 75th Place 60459 708-924-7300

Burnham Police Department Burnham IL 14450 South Manistee Avenue 60633 708-891-2122

Calumet City Police Department Calumet IL 1200 Pulaski Road 60409 708-868-2500

Calumet Park Police Department Calumet Park IL 12409 South Throop Street 60827 708-385-6862

Chicago Heights Police Department Chicago Heights IL 1601 South Halsted Street 60411 708-756-6400

Chicago Police Department Chicago IL 3510 South Michigan Avenue 60653 312-744-4000

Chicago Ridge Disaster Agency Chicago Ridge IL 10425 Ridgeland Avenue 60415 708-422-3135

Cook County Historical Societies preserve documents that have historic value. They may be organized around a certain area, a particular group of people, or a particular historical event. Historical Societies may keep a range of documents on individuals, including Cook County vital records, letters, photographs, and other historical documents in Cook County Illinois. These records can be an important part of a people search, particularly when performing genealogical research. Historical Societies may provide online access to some of their records.

Arlington Heights Historical Society Arlington Heights IL 110 West Fremont Street 60004 847-255-1225

Berwyn Historical Society Berwyn IL 1241 Oak Park Avenue 60402 708-484-0020

Blue Island Historical Society Blue Island IL 13018 Maple Avenue 60406 708-371-8546

Blue Island Illinois Historical Society Blue Island IL 2433 York Street 60406 708-388-1078

Bronzeville Black Chicagoan Historical Society Chicago IL 11111 South Forrestville Avenue 60628 773-291-9115

Bronzeville Historical Society Chicago IL 636 East 35th Street 60616 312-428-8033

Brookfield Illinois Historical Society Brookfield IL 8820 Brookfield Avenue 60513 708-485-3420

Calumet City Historical Society Calumet IL 760 Wentworth Avenue 60409 708-832-9390

Chicago African American Historical Society Chicago IL 4425 West Carroll Avenue 60624 773-417-3082

Chicago Filipino American Historical Society Chicago IL 5462 South Dorchester Avenue 60615 312-752-2156

Chicago Historical Society Chicago IL 1601 North Clark Street 60614 312-642-4600

Chicago Jewish Historical Society Chicago IL 610 South Michigan Avenue 60605 312-663-5634

Chicago Lawn Historical Society Chicago IL 6120 South Kedzie Avenue 60629 312-582-8778

Cook County Assessors determine the value of taxable property within their jurisdiction, often at the county or local level, in order to assess property taxes owed by the property's owners in Cook County Illinois. As part of this responsibility, the Assessor Office maintains a range of documents on individuals, such as records of the Cook County property they own, the property taxes they owe, and any history of foreclosures, tax liens, or violations. These records can be useful for understanding a person's property ownership history, and they can typically be accessed on the Assessor Office website.

Bremen Township Assessor Oak Forest IL 15350 Oak Park Avenue 60452 708-687-8220

Cook County Courts act to resolve legal disputes as part of their judicial function. They also maintain a number of records on individuals, including criminal records such as any arrests, trials, convictions, and court sentences. These can range from serious criminal felonies to traffic court violations in Cook County Illinois. Court records provide a range of information that can be important for performing Cook County people searches, such as civil cases like divorce and adoption, as well as a person's criminal history, which can be important for a background check. Courts operate at the federal, state, and local level, and they may provide access to their records online.

Bridgeview District Court Bridgeview IL 10220 West 75th Street 60455 708-974-6288

Chicago District Court Chicago IL 50 West Washington Street 60602 312-603-2000

Cook County Archives preserve documents that are historically significant. These records can include a number of documents that can be useful when performing a people search, including Cook County birth certificates, death certificates, financial records, photographs, historical maps, and sometimes even letters or other personal documents in Cook County Illinois. These records can be useful when performing Cook County people searches as part of genealogical research, as some Archives keep documents that date back to before the founding of the United States. Archives may provide online access to their records.

Chicago Cedille Records Archive Chicago IL 1205 West Balmoral Avenue 60640 773-989-2515

Chicago Film Archive Chicago IL 329 West 18th Street 60616 312-243-1808

Chicago Gerber Hart Library and Archive Chicago IL 6500 North Clark Street 60626 773-381-8030

Chicago Independent Video Archive Chicago IL 935 West Chestnut Street 60642 312-964-5020

Chicago National Archive Chicago IL 7358 South Pulaski Road 60629 773-948-9000

Chicago Oriental Institute Research Archive Chicago IL 1155 East 58th Street 60637 773-702-9514

Chicago Pastoral Center Archive Chicago IL 711 West Monroe Street 60661 312-831-0711

Chicago Police Records Archive Chicago IL 1121 South State Street 60605 312-747-6262

Cook County Social Security Offices are local branches of the federal Social Security Administration. These offices issue Social Security cards, estimate retirement benefit payments, help people in Cook County determine their eligibility for benefits, and process applications for retirement benefits and SSI benefits in Cook County Illinois. These records contain important information for conducting a people search, including details on an individual's work history, their government benefits, and survivor benefits. Social Security Offices may provide online access to some of their records.

Chicago Heights Social Security Office Chicago Heights IL 104 South Halsted Street 60411